8 Things To Do After A Car Accident

  1. If it can be done safely, take pictures of the cars involved before they have been moved, and of the intersection or accident scene.
  2. Call the police and make an accident report. If you don't have the phone number for the local police having jurisdiction, call 911. Do this even if the other driver admits it was his fault and promises his insurance company will take care of everything. Do this even if the accident happens on private property (in a parking lot).
  3. Exchange information with the other driver. At the least this should include name, address, telephone number, insurance company name and policy number, and the name of the registered owner of the car. If possible take pictures of the driver's license, insurance identification card, registration and license plate.
  4. Get the name and phone number of any witnesses to the accident. This is very important, even if it doesn't seem like there is a problem at the scene.
  5. Call your own insurance company and report the accident even if it wasn't your fault.
  6. Take pictures of all damages caused to your car by the accident.
  7. Take pictures of any injuries you or any passengers in your car may have suffered in the accident, such as cuts, bruises and swelling.
  8. Talk to an attorney before you talk to anyone from the other driver's insurance company.

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